Welcome to Westside Village Bakery!

     Westside Village Bakery was a concept in 2003 to bring "home-made" baked goods to the westside of Los Angeles.  Opening the bakery was a major challenge in many ways and now "home-made" bundt cakes, both standard and mini size, can be yours.  Simply order one of 20 delicious, and some very unique, bundt cakes that are freshly made to order.  Delivery to your home can be in 2 -3 days.  Just point, click, and order one of my unique and flavorful cakes.  The Grandma Edna's Apple Walnut Cake is an age old tradition in my family and is just one of the many bundt cakes you can order, that also include standard favorites, such as banana chocolate chip, lemon and coffee cake and unique cakes such as the Chunky Monkey - filled with chunks of fresh banana, chocolate chips and marshmallow.  How about malt balls in a bundt cake?  I have one.  You can also custom order a flavor or flavors of your choice, just e-mail and let us know what you'd like...

     In addition to bundt cakes, check out our other bakery goods including cookies, brownies, pastries, cakes, pies and MORE. 

In a HURRY? Have your baked goods shipped overnight (additional charges apply)


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